Adult memberships for the 2024 golf season are sold out. For more information please contact us at 1-800-235-8909.

2024 Memberships

We invite you to become a member of PEI’s Finest Golf and the three world class golf courses we operate. Our new Flex Memberships are the perfect way to join our courses with the ability to choose the round limit that fits your needs.

Whether you are a 40 or 70 plus round player, or somewhere in between, choose the Flex Membership that suits you while still receiving the full benefits of an annual membership. Advance bookings, club events, practice facilities and league play are just some of the perks you will enjoy.

To purchase a membership online or ask us any any questions you may have about the options below reach us by email at and we can assist with making sure you purchase the right membership option based on your golfing needs and playing history.

All membership options include the following:

  • Complimentary range access
  • Complimentary Riksha pull carts
  • Golf Canada membership
  • Bag Drop services which include club cleaning
  • 10 day in advance tee time access* and no time of day restrictions, (*junior members may book 2 days in advance see notes below)
  • Member only pricing on golf cart rentals ($20/seat, regular price $25)
  • Member only Golf Shop merchandise pricing
  • Access to Mill River Golf Course (must rent a cart to be eligible, $25/seat)
  • Access to Member only events and leagues
  • *NEW* Member guest rates will be offered on a 1:3 ratio, one member can take up to three guests per tee time. An individual can pay the member guest rate a maximum of four times in a season.
  • Access to weekend preferred tee times at Brudenell from May – September (available to any Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver members that have registered with the Brudenell Golf Association)
  • Access to member only tee times Wednesday afternoon at Crowbush from May to October (tee times vary throughout the season available to any Diamond or Gold members that have registered with the Crowbush Members Association)
  • *NEW* Payment plan is available. Click here to request more details.
PEI’s Finest Golf Diamond Membership

Includes unlimited rounds at The Links at Crowbush Cove, Dundarave, and Brudenell River, 25% off Golf Shop Merchandise*, exclusive membership into the PEI’s Finest Golf Diamond Club, and entry into a year end Diamond Member golf event.


PEI’s Finest Golf Platinum Membership

Includes unlimited rounds at Dundarave and Brudenell River, 20% off Golf Shop Merchandise*, exclusive membership into the PEI’s Finest Golf Diamond Club, and entry into a year end Diamond Member golf event.


PEI’s Finest Golf Gold Flex Membership

Includes access to The Links at Crowbush Cove, Dundarave, and Brudenell River, and 20% off Golf Shop Merchandise*. Buy the number of rounds you wish to play at these three courses.

Gold 70 – $2100
Gold 60 – $1920
Gold 50 – $1700
Gold 40 – $1440

PEI’s Finest Golf Silver Flex Membership

Includes access to Brudenell River and Dundarave and 15% off Golf Shop merchandise. Buy the number of rounds you wish to play at these two courses.

Silver 70 – $1750
Silver 60 – $1620
Silver 50 – $1450
Silver 40 – $1240

PEI’s Finest Golf Junior 12-18 Years of Age Membership

Get all the membership benefits listed above with two-day advance booking privileges.

The Links at Crowbush Cove – $250
Brudenell River & Dundarave – $400
Brudenell River – $200

PEI’s Finest Golf Junior 8-12 Years of Age Membership

Get all the membership benefits listed above with two-day advance booking privileges and must play after 5:00 with an adult.

The Links at Crowbush Cove – $125
Brudenell River – $125

Golf Cart Membership

Access to a yearly seat on a golf cart at the courses you are a member of (based on availability). Should you play more rounds than the Flex Membership number you’ve purchased you do not pay for a cart seat for these rounds. Valid for any membership listed above except Junior 8-12. Must be 16 years of age to purchase and must provide a valid driver’s license.


All prices above are subject to HST. *Golf balls, golf shoes, and clubs are not eligible for more than a 15% discount.


Why are you limiting rounds? Why not keep the same membership model?

The overall strategy is to provide a more equitable membership structure to reflect the amount each player plays. In the past players paid the same amount for a Full Membership regardless of whether they played 120 rounds or 30 rounds. The new model provides every member the ability to choose the Flex Membership that best suits their needs. The member that plays the most will always have the lowest per round fee.

Why change now, is this because of COVID?

The comments received from members made it clear that a new model was required to make our membership structure equitable.

What happens if I use all my rounds?

Once you have used the number of rounds included in your Flex Membership, you have the option to play more rounds. There is a fee, $1 less than the per round rate your Flex Membership equates to, that will be charged for every additional round over the Flex Membership you originally signed up for.

How is my Flex Membership and rounds played recorded?

Our point of sale system records which Flex Membership you’ve purchased and deducts a round (or half round for a nine-hole round) from your total when you check in at the Golf Shop prior to starting your round. Your remaining round balance can be verified by one of our staff in the Golf Shop.

What happens if I do not use all my rounds by the end of the season?

Just like memberships in past years, rounds expire at the end of the season if unused.

Can I use my rounds for other golfers?

Flex Membership rounds are NON-transferable and must be used only by the holder of the membership. No exceptions.

What is the average number of rounds that members play?

The range that our members play annually varies significantly. People’s intentions at the beginning of the season and what happens can vary as well. Overall, our members play about 43 rounds each. We suggest you figure out how many rounds you played last year (we can help with that) and purchase a membership with that number in mind.

Can I purchase a Flex Membership for only one course?

There is not a one course only membership option, by providing Flex Memberships that allow access to multiple courses more tee time options will be available.

What if I want to play 9 holes? How does that affect my rounds?

All rounds played prior to 3:00PM will be considered an 18 hole start and one full round will come off your membership. Nine-hole rounds may be played after 3:00PM any day of the week and will be charged as one half of a round on your membership (an additional half round will be taken off your membership if you decide to play any more than nine).

What is the cancellation policy?

If you have a reservation and need to cancel, we ask that you give us 48 hours’ notice, we’ll do our best to fill the available time with other players. A round will be taken off a member’s account if they fail to cancel a tee time.

If I purchase a cart seat, is my usage based on the number of rounds that I purchase?

The cart membership allows you access to a cart seat for every round you play in a season even if you exceed your initial membership purchase. The cart membership is valid at the courses you have access to.

Do rounds come out of my account for events?

For events such as the Club Championship, Early Bird, Harvest Moon, or other club association events rounds will not be taken off a member’s account. League play is not considered a club association event.

What if it rains and I cannot continue my round, do I have to use the full 18-hole round?

There will be days when it rains unexpectedly, we don’t want you to have to finish a round in the rain if you don’t want to, so we’ve created a rain check policy for these situations. If you tee off and it begins to rain, we will issue a rain check based on the following schedule of holes played:

• 1-7 holes played – One round will be put back into your account
• 8-13 holes played – One 9-hole round will be put back into your account
• 14-18 holes played – No rain checks will be issued

If you tee off your first hole in the rain, there will be no rainchecks given, no exceptions.



• Use is restricted to individuals (and their guests) that had a 2023 PEI’s Finest Golf Membership Package or have purchased a 2024 PEI’s Finest Golf Membership Package. Non-members cannot book time on the simulator. PEI’s Finest Golf Members are accountable for guests and must ensure they know and understand the simulator guidelines. Our online waiver must be completed prior to your reservation.


• Indoor footwear must be worn, clean sneakers or clean spikeless golf shoes are required. All outdoor footwear must remain at the entrance to the simulator room.


• Golf clubs and balls being used must be clean and free of markings. Worn golf balls, dirt in the grooves and face of clubs, and ink markings on golf balls shorten the life of our screen and can cause tears.


• Any damage done to the simulator equipment or the simulator room and furniture is the responsibility of the user to replace.


• Food and drinks are not permitted in the simulator room.


• The simulator room is monitored by video surveillance.


• In the case of a winter storm simulator golf may be canceled, all bookings will be notified as soon as possible.


• Failure to follow any of these mandatory guidelines will result in a suspension of your simulator use.