Why PEI?



PEI and beaches. They’re practically synonyms. When visitors think of Prince Edward Island, many immediately imagine the smooth warm sand, red sandstone cliffs, soft blue sky, and the white-capped waves of the surrounding seas.

We have eleven hundred kilometres of shoreline, much of it in the form of pristine beaches. It’s what English, French, Scottish, and Irish settlers first saw when they arrived here centuries ago. And often, it’s still the first place visitors head when they arrive today. Whether you prefer napping in the sun, splashing in the water, building a sandcastle, enjoying a leisurely stroll, or capturing that unforgettable sunset, there’s a beach that’s perfect for it. This Island is filled with many wonders–scenic beauty, cultural richness, diverse history, and a welcoming spirit. Wrapped around it all are those beaches. They are the boundary of Prince Edward Island, and what separates us from the rest of the world.

Amusement Quotient: Sand castles (unlimited shapes and sizes minimal tools required). Digging a hole to China (unlimited also clam shell will do the trick). Jumping waves (also a game without end). As a base for volleyball court (softer than the gym floor).

Relaxation Value: Just close your eyes and listen (way cheaper than white noise machine). Open your eyes and watch (costs less than a movie). Read a book and let the seagulls punctuate the page turning (be sure to choose a beach book).

Romance Factor: Sunset on the beach (nothing better to create a romantic mood). Picnics on the beach (just watch out for sand in the sandwiches). Long walks hand in hand (enjoy it and never mind if it sounds a bit cliché). We can promise there will be nothing commonplace about your romantic walk on an Island beach.