Why PEI?



Finally, everyone around the globe will now learn what East Coasters have long known – that Prince Edward Island produces the world’s best food. Pre-eminent food authority and restaurant surveyor Zagat just crowned Prince Edward Island the second best foodie getaway in the world.

In addition to the diverse seafood fare that can be caught quite literally in a restaurant’s backyard, Prince Edward Island also boasts rich agricultural offerings – look no further than the princely-produced potato. Rich red soil, high in mineral content and long cold winters create perfect growing conditions for potatoes.

“We are thrilled that Prince Edward Island joins the ranks of other amazing culinary capitals,” said Greg Donald, General Manager, Prince Edward Island Potato Board. “Having Zagat appreciate our island’s local fare is a huge honour.”

Okinawa, Japan took first place as Zagat’s best foodie getaway, while Louisville, Kentucky; Cornwall, England and Vieques, Puerto Rico round out the top five.

Flavours Trail: Your Culinary Guide to PEI Flavours. This is your guide to the celebration of Prince Edward Island food and the people behind the food.

PEI Restaurants: PEI offers every possible dining experience, from elegant gourmet dinners to family-style restaurants to clambakes.

Island Food: PEI continues to grow its on-Island menu to attract travellers who appreciate fresh, local food and our famous oysters, mussels and potatoes.

Savour the Fall: PEI Fall Flavours features culinary and cultural events taking place in communities across PEI. Hosted by Chef Michael Smith, an Island original and host of Food Network’s series Chef Abroad.

Lobster: Be sure to look for our famous Island lobster yearound on menus, in pounds and on wharves across PEI.

Authentic PEI Experiences: In an ever-growing series of activities, you can work side-by-side with Islanders who love what they do and want to share it with you.